Wife in soup as boyfriend refuses to return her husband’s N15M she lent him

A wife is in trouble as her boyfriend refuses to return the N15M she lent him after her husband gave her the money to help him buy his parents car and set up a business for them.

The wife took to an anonymous platform to lament her ordeal as she sought the best possible way that she could use to compel her boyfriend to return the money.

wife boyfriend N15M borrowed parents car

According to the unknown wife, her husband who is currently out of the country, sent her N15M to use to buy a car for his parents who are still in the village.

She was also instructed to use part of the money to start up a small business for his mother.

However, her boyfriend, whom she was still having an affair with, begged her to borrow her the money and promised to pay back in 6 months.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend hadn’t kept his words and has refused to return the money for over two years.

The lady seeks for a way to make the boyfriend pay back the cash before her husband gets home.

Read her write up below …

“Good afternoon. My husband who has been away for 3 years is coming back and I Will be in a hot soup if I don’t correct my mistakes. I have two children and I live in the city while his parents are in the village. He’s the only child. Let me go straight to the point. He sent me 15million to buy car for his parents and also start a business for his mother so that she can stop farming. He said his mother needs where to be going out as form of exercise. My ex boyfriend whom I continued having an affair with when my husband left needed money for his business. When I told him about the money to help me get a Car for my in-laws.

He asked me to borrow him and he Will pay in 6months, this is 2 years and he has not paid. Each time my husband ask after his parents, I Will tell him they are fine. Till now, my ex boyfriend has not paid back the 15million and my husband he’s coming first week Of June. I want to call him out but fear Of my husband seeing the story. I want you to help me and call him out and please tag his handle. He feels I can’t do anything and he’s threatening to expose our affairs. I neglected my in-laws and they are suffering in the village. I never visited them but I lie to my husband. At least I need to get them this car.

My husband won’t know that the money he’s sending isn’t getting to them. Though I give the 20,000 monthly for upkeep. They won’t start discussing the amount I give them but if my husband visits and he didn’t see the car, he Will know something is wrong and might investigate and find out other things, please help me. I’ve been good to my ex. Why is he purishing me. My husband is not talking to his parents because of the fight between them.

They were against our marriage but my husband stood by me. The
parents hate me because I’m from Edo. The parents did not even attend our marriage. My husband wanted us to stay together so they will accept me but I refuse. He still care for them but he doesn’t call them. He’s still angry with them that they didn’t attend.

He still care for them but he doesn’t call them. He’s still angry with them that they didn’t attend marriage of their only son. He wants to make peace with them when he returns and beg them to accept us. I don’t want to mess things up.”

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