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“Why’s my nose this big?” – Pregnant woman worries over face transformation at 4 months



A pregnant woman cries out online as she worries over the transformation her face is undergoing as her pregnancy hits 4 months.

The UK-based Nigerian lady known as @that_theatre_nursebackup on TikTok cried out online as she observed that her nose was getting bigger due to the pregnancy.

pregnant woman nose big
Pregnant woman.

According to her, she was only at the 4th month of her pregnancy and she didn’t expect the nose to already be that big.

She was seen in the video turning this way and that as she kept observing her distended nose from different angles.

The pregnant woman captioned …

“Why is my nose big? Just 4 months and my nose is big like someone in the labour room.”

@in_mimie00 said: “I’m getting slimmer and I’m quite worried about it.”

@usanase dinnah said: “I know I’m small but at four months I’m really going. I’m getting slimmer day by day I don’t know what to eat to get appetite.”

Palesa Radebe said: “Me too, my neck and armpits are so black.” Queen of the game said: “Am 7 months but looking more beautiful.

Sangumanto Yomba said: “Mine is big also I am 5 months with a boy. With my girl my nose wasn’t big.”

MaNur said: “Going 6 months with dry skin and small rashes on the face.”

Watch video below …


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