Why it’s better to live in a hotel than a rented apartment – Financial adviser

A financial adviser has sparked debate online as he explains why living in a hotel is better than a rented apartment.

The man known as @official_gege said this, while noting that what he’s about to explain will be uncomfortable for people with traditional way of thinking.

Financial adviser.

According to the man, people reason that the amount they pay at hotels daily is much, but it is nothing in comparison with the living expense of rented apartment.

He noted that while in a hotel, one saves utility bills that would ordinarily be paid for.

The cost of having maids to clean home is also severely cut down as the hotel provides that daily.

In addition, he noted how much it would also ordinarily cost for an individual to buy foodstuffs for their household, opining that the hotel cuts that cost.

His opinion has sparked reactions on social media.

Read comments below:

humble_pee said: “Imagine my wife and kids coming out from a hotel every day”

_tcee._ said: “Another patient don escape yaba again”

venom207 said: “Some of y’all missed humor class and really failed sarcasm as a course in the cruise school”

shes_harmless said: “Imagine say your mama come do omugwo for hotel”

officialogvictor said: “Confidently speaking nOnsense button”

whalemouth1 said: “U see this camera wey Oyibo put for, phone is the actual problem of the world”

jectimi_comedy said: “Na inside him house him dey make, this videos oh na this boy dey advise Tinubu nothing any body wan tell me . I swear . This kind person fit advise to buy land for hell fire sey uno go spend money on gas for cooking”

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