Why I stopped trying to make people happy – Will Smith

An American actor, Will Smith revealed that after realizing that it is not his responsibility to make the people in his life happy, his relationships improved.

He stated that he struggled in relationships until he realized that “it’s impossible to make a person happy.”

Smith spoke in a recent interview with Complex alongside his fellow ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’ star, Martin Lawrence.

Will Smith, American actor

“The GOAT relationship advice for me is that it’s impossible to make a person happy. Don’t even play the game. And don’t try to have a person make you happy,” he said.

“You’ve to discover your happiness and cultivate your happiness on your own, and they have to cultivate theirs on their own. And you come together sharing the happiness you have versus trying to get happiness from them. That was a big one for me.

“The retirement from trying to make people happy, and all my relationships got better.”


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