Watch moment man crashes new car after arriving village with it

A video that has captured attention online shows the moment a man crashes his new car upon arriving at his village.

The Nigerian man had purchased a brand new white car which he took to the village to show off to his people.

crashes car village man
New car.

In a video that was shared online, the man was seen driving in as his people hailed him for his new brand car.

However, the scene took an unexpected turn as the driver accelerated the car and failed to hit the brakes before the car hit the wall.

The mood in the video shifted from one of celebration to that of confusion as they assessed the damaged car.

dcoco2024 said: “What just happened? He fail break Abi wetin? Car owners abeg answer me”

famojo_eagle remarked: “New driver .. brain still not acquainted with the pedals ( mistook acceleration to braking ).”

only1londonfundz commented: “Na why i no too like lexus????????‍♂️”

egbon_nla4070 wrote: “This one no be village matter guy no Sabi drive ????????”

probablykelvin said: “Na you cause am, Make e raise am abi make e no raise am? Pick a side bro????”

gbolahan701 commented: “And he just upgraded the car o…. Chai …”

official_petzon_junior asked: “Why everywhere con silent? ????????”

Watch video below …


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