Video shows newborn abandoned in the middle of the road

A video showing a newborn baby has sparked conversation on social media, as the baby is seen placed in the middle of the road, in a very open space without the mother or father in sight.

This was revealed in a fresh video making waves on a popular social media platform.

Video shows newborn abandoned in the middle of the road.

In the video, the baby can be seen lying motionless on the road, covered with clothes, and with tires placed beside him.

However, the caption of the video revealed that the father or mother of the baby was not in sight when the baby was discovered.

The caption reads: “Since you knew you couldn’t keep him and protect him as a mother, why birth him only to dispose of him to die? #wickedandmeangeneration ????…”

It was also revealed in the comments that the baby had died; however, the cause of death was not mentioned.

Many individuals have stormed the comment section of ... to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

WinksComedy Tv????: “Hope he or she is fine ?????”

Sweetie Rona GH: “Eiii so so sad ???? is the baby alive?”

glamour: “when she finally settle down…she will look for a child and will never get any???????????????????? wicked soul.”

Jenny_Empire_11: “Watin i day pray for na person troway ????????.”

????Na za????: “After all pain she went through labor pain ???? Omo.”

Freedom Jacob: “N am here crying for a baby each n every minute ????????????.”

J&o????????: “What am looking for dat what you abandon ????????.”

Hope Savage: “God this innocent baby why now this person will never hear cry of a baby ????????????.”

Bammzy: “Women are wicked and I can see some of them in this comment that are capable of murder and they see no big deal.”

BEST PARFAIT &CAKE IN AWKA: xGod will punish whosoever that did this.”

Enjoyment smash: “Why not give him out instead of this ????I believe we have people who wants him ????????????.”

queen mark: “E no go better for the guy wey give her belle run, only after birth hungry no easy o.”

JEWELRY PLUG IN PORT HARCOURT: “wen I was in jss2 I saw a baby inside a carton where Dem dey throw dirty, the baby was still alive tho wen we brought her out one man took her.”

Mrs L ????????????: “E no go better for the mother???? Rest in peace innocent soul????.”



Since you knew you can’t keep him and protect him as a mother why birth him to end up disposing him to die?#wicked and mean generation ????…

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