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Upcoming designer slammed for claiming to have designed Nana Akua’s AMVCA outfit, see proof



A blogger, Amanda Chisom has slammed a designer for claiming to have designed Ghanaian fashionista, Nana Akua Adoo’s AMVCA outfit.

Recall that an upcoming Nigerian designer, Ezinne Olivia, called out Ghanaian fashionista, Nana Akua Addo, for refusing to credit her for the AMVCA outfit she allegedly designed for her.

The designer has come out to lay claims on the design of the outfit after the fashionista credited another designer.

However, blogger Amanda Chisom has shared some receipts on her page showing how the design team of Nana sketched the dress with inspiration from another designer who made the design last year.

Nana Akua Addo, Ghanaian fashionista

She mentioned that the upcoming designer was contacted to do the corset Nana Akua wore under, and this is what she was paid for.

See her post below..

Dear Ezinne Olivia,

You are running Nana dirt and you need to stop sis!

I spoke to Nana about all this and I will put the information for everyone to see because you need to apologize to her !!

These are the facts and I will back them with proof

1 Nana’s in-house team sketched this dress with inspiration from another designer who made it in midi one year ago! Her team did it, not you!! 31st of May 2023!

2, Another person did the 3D design of these clothes and it is not you !!

3, Yoli sourced the mold and the 3D design from China not you! You were not involved !!

4, you were contacted to do the corset she wore under, and this is what you did she paid you, by the way, if it is you they did this corset for will you take it easy with the person Abi because na celebrity !!

5, You were only called to assist her with shooting, you gave them the bill and you were paid 406k with an extra hundred dollars!

Pray tell me how you became entitled to her tag! Did she tag who drew it, did she tag who did the 3D sketching, did she tag the Chinese man who did the mold? Why should you be tagged after being paid rather generously? See all the charges you billed her and she paid you why are you wailing?

You have made her an object of ridicule and insult and it is completely unfair! I will post all the details in the comment section but first of all

The design, the mold, and all belong to Nana, not you, not even Yoli! It is her own! If you claim it is your design, why would you charge 500k for something that was made with 3000 dollars?

I know is a lack of accurate information that is making people join you to drag a woman who did nothing but patronize you, but it is downright malicious that you are encouraging it. !!

See her post below…