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Upcoming actor Chidi Dike hails Ruth Kadiri



  • Chidi Dike shared a touching photo of himself and Ruth, who has also been his mentor, and expressed his deepest gratitude for her presence in his life.
  • He noted how Ruth Kadiri flipped his whole world since she came into his life.

Rising star Chidi Dike praises senior colleague, actress Ruth Kadiri, crediting her with transforming his life forever.

Alongside a heartwarming photo of the two, Chidi expressed his deep gratitude, stating that Ruth’s presence has turned his world around in the best possible way.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Chike Dike humbly admitted that words fall short in conveying his love and appreciation for her guidance and support.

Affectionately addressing her as his queen, mentor, and mother figure, Chidi emphasized that every day is an opportunity to celebrate Ruth’s positive influence in his life.

He declared the shared photo the most remarkable one online.

He wrote:

She stepped into my life and flipped my whole world… words fail me every time, but you know I love you, mama…
My Queen, My Mentor, My Mother… I don’t need a special day to appreciate you, mama
Best picture you’ll see online today!!! @ruthkadiri @ruthkadiri247_”.

Few months ago,  Ruth Kadiri gleefully celebrated Chidi Dike on his first ride.

Taking to her Instagram, she couldn’t contain her excitement as she announced his impressive feat of buying his own car.

She pointed out that the rising movie sensation has brought immense pride not only to her but also to everyone in his circle.

Ruth Kadiri marveled at the remarkable feat of acquiring his first car at the tender age of 22 through legitimate channels.

Attached to the post was a video capturing the exhilarating moment when the new Mercedes SUV was presented to him, accompanied by cheers from Ruth and a beaming smile on his face.

Her Instagram post read …

“Congratulations ???????????? I ???????????????????????? such a proud moment!!! @chididikee At 22 you own your own car LEGALLY!!! Amongst other things I cannot mention… No words! You’ve made everyone around you proud!!!! This is the beginning of greater things for you! You will go places! Where others a sitting you will be standing and where they are standing you will be outstanding!!!! God bless your parents????????..”

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