Trending video: Billionaire businessman refuses to shake ex-governor Obiano’s hand in USA

Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Motors, Chief Okey Ezeibe has set the internet abuzz due to what he did to former governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano in the United States of America.

In a video making the rounds online, Obiano who attended an event in Houston, Texas approached the business mogul to greet him, but he declined.

The former governor who moved to USA after his tenure ended in 2021, shook other dignitaries at the occasion and extended a hand to Ezeibe, who refused to shake him.

Obiano Ezeibe handshake

He insisted on getting the handshake but the billionaire auto dealer remained adamant and kept his hand under the table, forcing Obiano to walk away and meet others.

According to a Twitter user who shared the clip, “Anambra born entrepreneur and founder of Legacy Motors, , disgraced Willie Obiano at a party in Houston TX. “No handshake for a governor who stole millions and left our people in poverty”.

It’s time we start to challenge these criminal politicians….stand totally against them. Publicly shame them and make them uncomfortable wherever we see them. There is no hiding place for evil politicians. Let’s hold them accountable. Great job Chief Okey Ezeibe.”

The businessman’s action generated massive reactions online as many supported him while others expressed reservations about the severity of the scenario.

Watch the video below:

@DigitNovaya; Igbo people are not idol worshipers.

@_spirit_coder; This is not disgrace na, they are catching cruise

@iohmbra; I respect it. Let’s call spades spades.

@vonwuaduegbo; I actually fxxk with this. It triggered the part of me that hates embarrassing authority, but if they acted better, we won’t be here. This is part of their accountability.

@Balatic; Way to go! They must feel that shame! Just like Tinubu right now. After messing your people up, you expect respect? From whom?

@Onome282022; This is how politicians should be treated they don’t deserve any respect.


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