Tourist expresses shock as drone delivers drink to him at the park

A tourist shared the video on TikTok, expressing his amazement after he received his drink at a park in Shenzhen, China.

In the video, the young man known as @thehutchinsonfamily on the TikTok app describes how the Starbucks drink he purchased was delivered to him through a drone.

The intriguing video showed a drone flying to a modest house with a box connected to it. When it arrived at the delivery address, it landed with the drink, and the man was asked to enter the last four digits of his phone number on the door to receive his present. After entering the numbers, the door immediately opened and he received his delivery.

While posting the video, Hutchinson expressed his admiration for the technical progress he experienced in China.

Man shocked to receive delivery via drone

“China is already in 2030. We are in the middle of a park and we are about to have some drinks dropped off by a drone. I have never experienced anything like this. I never thought I would be served in the middle of a park in Shenzhen China.” 

Read some reactions below…

@Ángel said: “The most advanced country in the world without a doubt.”

@Jorge Macau said: “The most impressive is the amount of package (and other resources) used for this. Are we focused in the right thing?

@somore Hernandez stated: “The difference between a country busy with war Vs Country Focus on Development.”

@ongbookok5 said: “If a country spend most of its money on innovation, infrastructure and its people, this is what you will get.”

@Justin Indo Ruta said: “In my country congo, we don’t even have food to eat no water to drink. We in 1824. We dnt produce nothing bt richest country of poor! Who to help?


DRONE DELIVERY service in China!! Wow this place is already in the future ???????????? #thehutchinsons #china #chinatravel #chinatiktok #shenzhen #future #drone #traveltiktok

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