Thousands Of Students’ Future In Limbo As NYSC Registration Portal Crashes

Thousands Of Students’ Future In Limbo As NYSC Registration Portal Crashes—-The Genius Media Nigeria reports that Over 10,000 hopeful applicants for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) are currently in limbo in Cross River State after the commission’s registration portal unexpectedly shut down.


TGM understands that the NYSC portal was initially opened for registration on June 8, 2024, but it crashed within just over 12 hours that same day, leaving those attempting to sign up in a state of bewilderment.

Two days after the initial crash on Saturday, June 10, 2024, the NYSC main office issued a formal apology, stating that the crash was caused by a “conflict arising from a link between NIMC’s access to NYSC’s database,” which caused the system to malfunction.

The statement reads in parts: “This is to inform all critical stakeholders of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), accredited NYSC Cyber Café Operators (CB0), 2024 batch “B’ Prospective Corps Members (PCM) and the general public that we are aware of service disruption recently experienced on our registration portal.

“We have reviewed the situation and narrowed the cause of breakdown to conflict on link in between NIMC access to our database containing sensitive user profile information and our technical crew has made additional changes to our technical infrastructure, which necessitated temporary disablement of access to batch “B”PCM registration in order to prevent further complications and technical irregularities.


“Note that no specific technical action is required of our esteemed CBOS. However, CBOS are implored to update and educate Prospective Corp Members on this development pending resolution. All 2024 batch “B’ Prospective Corps Members are hereby cautioned to desist from ascribing fault to CBOS for the delay.”


The committee highly advises that every CBOS representative should keep their access code secret to stop it from being misused by others, by adding an extra level of protection for their account (More information is provided in our support center).


“While we deeply regret this incident and apologize to all affected, we shall as a Mea Culpa, extend the registration period, which will officially reflect on the registration portal as soon as technical issues are resolved,” the statement added.


As at the time of filing this report, the portal had remained inaccessible, with many prospective Corps members who had yet to enrol still stranded.


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