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“Tell truth My voice Dey ginger body” – Davido reveals why everyone adores his voice



  • Davido Adeleke, a Grammy-nominated singer, explains why his distinctive voice has earned him worldwide admiration.
  • The singer, who recently donated millions of naira to charity, shared an unexpected revelation about his voice on social media.
  • Davido on the X platform praised his voice’s sweetness and motivation, describing it as “dey ginger body,” indicating it ignites excitement in listeners.

The Grammy-nominated musician Davido Adeleke explains why people all across the world like his voice due to its uniqueness.

The artist, who recently gave millions of naira to charity, revealed something surprising about his voice in a recent social media announcement.

Davido claimed on the X platform that his voice has a sweetness that inspires listeners. He said that my voice “dey ginger body,” meaning that it makes people excited.

He also exhorted his fans and admirers to be honest with themselves and to ignore the hate from trolls and music critics.

“Tell truth My voice Dey ginger body …????,” he stated.

Reacting to the post…

@symplyDAPO stated: “E dey ginger me always but e no dey ginger my account balance.”

@bigwiziii wrote: “Lol no be play ooo E dey too over ginger boiz.”

@Bidal4Life reacted: “Tatibijis just dey gas this one dey go. Ejeh, Make I tell you the truth you no dey Top 50 best Vocalist.”

@FowobiofLagos noted: “They won’t say the truth but that’s the truth without telling the truth.”

@badmanmilly added: “You sound like Micheal Jackson 001.”