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Sophia Momodu opens up on how birth of daughter, Imade changed her life



Businesswoman Sophia Momodu has opened up about how the birth of her daughter, Imade Adeleke, has changed her life.

Sophia Momodu revealed intriguing and previously unknown insights about her position as Imade’s mother during an interesting question-and-answer session with Pulse Nigeria.

When asked about her favorite aspect of being Imade’s mother, Sophia showed tremendous devotion and adoration, emphasizing that she adores every aspect of parenting and is completely committed to her daughter.

Sophia Momodu stated that the essential lesson she acquired from Imade was forgiving and letting go.

Sophia Momodu opens up on how the birth of daughter Imade has changed her life
Sophia Momodu, Businesswoma

Sophia admitted that, while she may be outspoken and aggressive she has learned from Imade’s inherent willingness to forgive without apologies.

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