Soldier left heartbroken after discovering wife cheated with his brother

A soldier is left devastated after uncovering the painful truth that his wife of 20 years had an affair with his own brother.

While serving his country, the soldier discovered that his wife, Hannah, had been having an affair with his brother.

Devastated, he broke down in tears, questioning his wife about why she would shatter his heart after 20 years of marriage and two children.

In a video, he vented his frustration, screaming, crying, and repeatedly hitting the car he was in.

While some expressed sympathy and regret for his situation, others suggested that the video was merely staged content.

See some reactions to the video

Mayor of Enugu said: “Woah… Someone said this guy is a TikTok content creator.”

LightDgreat wrote: “This is hard to take in , he went to war so that he could provide for her all the pin he went through , seems it went for nothing”

KELECHI said: “Breakfast well served , sorry bruhhh ????????‍♂️”

Wealth asked: “Girls wey dey break dev!l’s heart, who come be soldier??”

Osinachi said: “This is heartbreaking. Imagine being away in an unknown land protecting lives and properties and one of the lives you’re protecting is piping your wife????”

Jane said: “???? someone trying to help him spend his family. His bro thought he was never gonna come back alive”



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