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Single mother slams partner for sending her packing after cheating on him



A single mother of three expresses anger at the decision of her partner to send her packing after CCTV recorded her cheating on him in his house.

The American woman in question shared her frustration in writing to the relationship adviser @trashcantam where she narrated the genesis of their love.

According to the single mother, her partner was nice to her from the start, moved her and her kids into his house and gave her a space to do her business in the same house.

Unknown to her, a CCTV installed in her business space captured when she cheated on her man with her side-piece, causing an end to their relationship.

Calling him out in the note, she described him as a bipolar individual while swearing never to be vulnerable with a man ever again.

How my partner sent me packing for cheating – Single Mother of Three

“I’m dealing with a bipolar man and it makes me sick. First, he dated me for 2 months and he opened his home to me and my 3 kids. We moved out of my mom’s house and into his townhome. I registered my kids in his school district. He gave me a spare room to braid hair and earn money.

We had a fun and loving vibe. I know he loves me and adores my kids. BUT, I made one mistake, and he threw us all out. (My side-dude stopped by to get his braids done and to borrow some money. I also gave him a quick BJ.

I did not know there was a camera in my braiding room, or I wouldn’t have slipped up like that.) I apologized, but Mr. Bip lar switched up on me and threw me & the kids and all our things in the front yard.

I took what I could fit into the Uber. I can’t believe how he snapped and turned on us like that. What relationship red flags did I miss? I’m so scared to be vulnerable with a man again. Advice.”

Single mother slams partner for sending her packing after cheating on him