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Shan George Breaks Silence, Gives Details of How She Was Scammed of N3.6m



Shan George recently revealed in an interview with Arise TV how the scammers managed to gain access to her account, shedding light on the details of the N3.6 million scam incident that she had previously cried about online. Here’s what she said.

Speaking about how exactly she got scammed, she said:

A few days prior to the incident, I was in search of a method to obtain my bank statement from the bank. Anticipating the need to submit a soft copy for my visa application, I had requested for my bank statement to be sent to my email. However, on that particular Thursday, which marked the fourth day, I departed from the bank feeling extremely frustrated as I had spent the entire day there. To my dismay, the bank closed at its designated closing time, while I was still inside, only to hear the repeated announcement of “no network, no network.”

After departing from the bank, I pondered on the method to obtain my bank statement. The following day, Friday morning, was the deadline for submitting that specific document, along with the other documents I had already gathered. Uncertain of what to do, I turned to Twitter in hopes of grabbing the attention of a Zenith bank employee who could potentially assist me. Hence, I composed a tweet stating, “Dear Zenith Bank, I am experiencing a prolonged network outage. Could you please provide an update?”

So I tweeted that, and a lot of people started bickering and I just left the thing there. Later on when I came back, I saw that somebody had responded with a Zenith Bank page. So the person said, “but you don’t have to go to the bank for your bank statement, it’s something you can actually do on your own.”

So, it now dawned on me that this one that technology is moving very fast and some of us are old school and not catching up, I thought that was a good suggestion. So I agreed to what the person said, and the person now sent a number that I should chat with them on Whatsapp.

So I went on Whatsapp and the Whatsapp had a verified blue tick with the Zenith Bank logo. So the person now said “just fill this link and we’ll send the email to you in less than 30 minutes.” I’m usually very careful. I’ve been very careful about these internet things being that I’m not so knowlegeable about it so the fear of falling for something I don’t know, I ignore anything that makes me click link or anything. I even hardly do online shopping.

So after I now entered my details into the link the person sent me to get the email, I now said let me take a nap. After a few minutes again, I saw that I had different notifications from different platforms. So I entered the email because I was anxious for that bank statement. When I entered the email is when I now say an email from Zenith Bank telling me that somebody is trying to log into my app.

Immediately I entered my text messages and I saw that I had quite a number of them. I checked and then I saw that the text messages were a range of alerts. They removed the money in bits and with different names.

So sad, but also a very big lesson for all to be careful about the people we trust with our information. What do you think about Shan George’s story? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment either below or on my Jide Okonjo Facebook post.