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“See Ur Life”- Portable’s Baby Mama Honey Berry Mocks Him Over Disgraceful Arrest



Habeeb Okikiola Badmus, a Nigerian singer, recently faced a disgraceful arrest which has elicited a response from one of his baby mamas, Honey Berry.

It should be noted that the Zazu Zeh crooner was apprehended and forcefully placed into a waiting police car after attempting to evade arrest by jumping over a fence.

Following the circulation of a video capturing the singer’s unfortunate moment, his baby mama, Honey Berry, took to social media to express her reaction.

During a live session on TikTok, the estranged baby mama of the Tony Montana crooner was observed singing and dancing in response to his predicament.

In a particular segment of the video, Honey Berry pretended to shed tears by applying water to her eyes. She mentioned that she had been attempting to cry, but no tears were forthcoming.

Furthermore, she remarked that this was similar to how she used to cry in Portable’s DM (Direct Message) regarding their child’s financial support, but now it is he who finds himself shedding tears in a jail cell.

She said in part: “God no go shame us o, God no shame me, but God shamed someone else yesterday. This is how I used to cry in your DM but today you go cry tire inside the cell.” See the video below:

Read what some social media users had to say about the video of Honey Berry laughing over Portable’s plight below:

i_am_mz_jay: “This is what portable would have done too if it was another person and love it for his family.”

bolade4321: “This is bad. No matter what. The child is still growing and you would forever need him.”

thaworldbanana: “He actually deposits into people like him too.”

ti_anahh: “I am sincerely tired of portable and his family drama.”

_itrey: “Portable picked his type with this onetwo peas in a pod.”

mzfiyin: “She’s the weapon against portable.”

stylebysmokie_: “That’s how you know these people just have kids with anyone! Because why are you excited at the downfall of the father of your child?”

trillyteee: “Baby mama na Tout