Real reason I decided to undergo weight loss surgery – Real Warri Pikin

Nigerian comedian and online entertainer, Real Warri Pikin, has opened up on the main reason she underwent weight-loss surgery.

The actress, who finally addressed rumours about her new physique while speaking at an event, said she made the decision after she was embarrassed with an automated bank security system.

Real reason I decided to undergo weight loss surgery - Real Warri Pikin

Real Warri Pikin recounted how she once went to a bank but the automated doors refused to close, and she was asked to step back.

She narrated; “When I was plus-sized, one of the reasons I decided to do weight-loss surgery was an embarrassing situation at the bank. I entered into the bank door and the next thing I heard was, ‘Step back, one at a time, one at time’.”

The 34-year-old comedienne, however, admitted that she is suffering from the side effects of the gastric leeve surgery.

“Everyone is saying I look better and younger after the surgery but they don’t know what I am passing through. My breasts have become sloppy,” she lamented.

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CorrectNG recalls that Real Warri Pikin said she regrets opening up about her weight loss procedure because people do not accept change which has led to lots of backlash from trolls.

According to the content creator, she frequently needed to be hospitalized due to severe illness that emanated from her weight.

Real Warri Pikin said the phase in her life was not an easy one as it had an impact on her capacity to perform and support herself.

The comic act further revealed that she was unable to appear in comedic events and had to return some money that had been paid to her.

In her words; “I almost regretted coming out to say my truth, because people do not accept change. They are stuck with the old version of you because your old version makes them happy, and comfortable.

“They are plus size, they’re big, they can relate and it makes them happy. So, when you change they feel like you’ve betrayed them, they can’t accept change”.


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