Reactions trail as beautiful lady shows off her eyelashes

A range of reactions trails after a video featuring a stunning lady proudly displaying her wavy eyelashes circulates online.

The lady could be seen in a video in a salon setting, showing off her newly acquired artificial eyelashes. This set of eyelashes is unique because it was fixed on the upper and lower eyelid.

Reactions trail as beautiful lady shows off her eyelashes

Online observers pondered the motivations behind such beauty routines, questioning whether it was solely to impress men and expressing curiosity about the discomfort it might entail.

Check out some reactions to the video

Dami Adenuga wrote: “What women go through for men????. How do they even comfortably fix this kind of lashes ????”

All About Music noted: “If all of them will understand men doesn’t like makeup’s”

Dafe said: “In a few months, she will come online to say she did see the red flags. Smh…”

OthuksG said: “Point of correction bros: they re not doing this for men, but they feel with what they fix, men ll like them and run after them. In effect, they re doing it for themselves and to draw attention to themselves, and not doing it for men”

techlinenigga said: “Na man wey wan flirt with you nothing more”

TeeBhag Da Villain stated: “The eye lashes is something else. N her nose ???? dey at alert”



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