Reactions as rapper Bandman Kevo tattoos Kim Kardashian’s face on his thigh

American Hip Hop artiste Bandman Kevo, has faced heavy backlash on the internet for getting a tattoo of reality TV star, Kim Kardashian.

The Chicago rapper inked a huge tattoo of Kim Kardashian’s face on his right inner thigh and showed it off on his social media pages.

Bandman Kevo tattoos Kim Kardashian's face on his thigh

Bandman Kevo who recently lost his son, had people wondering why he decided to get a tattoo of the media personality, whom he is not known to be in a relationship with.

This is not the first time he is coming under fire for drawing something on his body, as he had once gotten a tatoo of Jeff Bezos, Elo Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and other Caucasian billionaires with the slogan White Lives Matter boldly written beneath.

See the video HERE

Bandman Kevo tattoos Kim Kardashian's face on his thigh

Reacting, @asharktruestory wrote; I’m convinced he will do anything for attention and money. And that’s not a good thing

@sIzro3; People with bbls gotta stick together, this makes sense!

@ablohusexy; Grown ahh man gettin thigh tattoos

@thaofficialkat; Tell me ur a simp without telling me ur a simp ????

@almightypurp704; This man addicted to getting randoms tatted on him

@babyibeenajoint; I hope he got a tattoo of his dead son on him since he like getting tattoos of white people

@Trill_MUFC; Didn’t even get his own son who died Tatted, this guy is such a loser

@kinglevnar; Having your cooch out and getting a Kim kardashian tattoo is a new definition of down bad.


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