Phyna thanks fans as her IG followers rise to 1.4 million despite criticisms

Big Brother Naija winner, Josephina Otabor popularly known as Phyna has reached 1.4 million followers on Instagram and she is excited about the development.

Phyna took to her Twitter page on Monday morning to thank fans for making her followership to rise considerably amid the constant backlash she receives online.

Phyna thanks fans as her IG followers rise to 1.4 million

The 26-year-old reality TV star tweeted; “I.4m instagram followers ????????Thank you ????”

In another post, the hype priestess as she calls herself, emphasised the importance of empowerment, saying it is not a trend but a movement.

“Empowerment is not a trend; it’s a movement……….. Stand tall, Speak loud, And lead with purpose,” she wrote.

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Meanwhile, in related news…

Nollywood star, Etinosa Idemudia recently came to the defense of Phyna, who launched a campaign against organizers of the show and its sponsors.

Etinosa issued a stern warning to those who have been criticising Phyna and referring to her ‘razz’ because she is vocal and chose to stand up for herself.

She took to Twitter and urged people to stop judging the reality TV star, because it is not easy for one to navigate life without parental guardian.

The actress made an appeal for them to give Phyna a break and went on to throw a question to the public about whether Phyna chose to be born into a razz family or environment.

Etinosa warned that those attacking her colleague online to stop as anyone who fails to do so would also have her to content with.

She wrote; “I think it’s okay to give Phyna a break at this point. No one is above mistake even you Judgina???? leave that girl. It’s not easy navigating life with no father and no Mother or senior adviser. Life is not easy for anyone. Nobody came to this life with a manual. Y’all should give my baby sister a break!!!!

Talking like you got your life figured out at her age. Even some 40 year Olds still struggling, now add public eyes and pressure. Before you say why did she go for the show if she can’t handle pressure, the answer is “hustle”.

Cos everyone needs food on their table. She is razz she is razz okay!! Did she choose to be born into a razz environment or family?? Omo you guys ehn. God forbid!! Anybody that comes for Phyna again will have it very hot with me. Be like as I don calm down for this Obasanjo internet because of Motherhood una don forget say I no well normally. Nonsense”.


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