Outstanding Progress and Successes of President Tinubu within his First Year in Office – Barrister Moyosore Ogunle

The President Bola Ahmed Tinubu-led administration in its first year. Executive Chairman of Kosofe Local Government, Moyosore Ogunlewe believed that the government has made significant progress in various sectors, including infrastructure development, job creation, and economic diversification like never before.

Just like no one is perfect, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not perfect nevertheless, he has been a kind-hearted man who has been very good at identifying talents for good governance, putting round pegs in round holes, growing Nigeria’s economy, and people and brilliantly knows our problem as a people and as a nation. No doubt, he knows exactly what to do to fix it and he has started well.

Believe it or not, Nigeria in this first year of his administration has experienced something different from the regular past administrations and I am proud to say that Nigerians are happy with what he has done with exemplary leadership qualities, thereby guiding our great nation with vision and foresight.

Moyo Ogunlewe highlighted several key accomplishments, including the passage of the 2023 Electricity Bill, which decentralizes the power sector, and the Nigeria Data Protection Bill 2023, which establishes a legal framework for safeguarding personal information. He also noted the removal of fuel subsidies, which has been criticized for fostering corruption and inefficiency.

The administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has implemented economic reforms aimed at stabilizing the economy and fostering sustainable growth, including policies that have attracted foreign investments, reduced inflation, and boosted job creation. Investments in healthcare and education have also been made, with new healthcare facilities launched and existing ones upgraded, and reforms implemented in the educational system.

The government has prioritized security and strengthened its security apparatus, enhanced intelligence gathering, and fostered greater collaboration among security agencies. Social intervention programs have also been rolled out to alleviate poverty and empower vulnerable segments of society.

Moyo, emphasized the importance of collective responsibility and commitment to building a stronger and more prosperous Nigeria, acknowledging that nation-building is not the responsibility of the government alone.

‘I have learned a great deal from our President by bringing governance to our people in Kosofe Local Government, transparency, service delivery at a record time, and in a cost-effective way’

He affirmed that Tinubu’s first year in office has been a testament of sorts and it goes to show the unwavering resilience and commitment of his administration towards serving the Nigerian people with diligence, integrity, and dedication.

Moyo Ogunlewe emphasized that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the best for a united Nigeria at this point of our 63 years of history in the making come October 1, 2024, and he deserves our support.


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