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“Our fathers married up to 10 wives, but modern women can’t even stand a second wife” – Man laments



A Nigerian man, Okwuluora has expressed his disappointment with the changing attitudes of modern women towards polygamous marriages.

The Nigerian broadcaster Okwuluora expressed his sadness that today’s women are not open to being second wives.

He compared this to the past when our ancestors peacefully lived with multiple wives, ranging from 3 to 10.

The media practitioner took to his Facebook page to voice his concerns, criticizing the current generation of women for what he termed as ‘wickedness’ and a lack of respect towards their husbands.

Okwuluora reminisced about a time in the past when our mothers exhibited traits of accommodation and goodness in polygamous setups.

In his words;

“Our Fathers married 3 to 10 wives and all of them loved each other & also maximum respect for the husband! Ladies of today can’t even stand a second wife. Anya Ufu. Where una learn this wickedness from. Your Mothers were so good & accommodating. This is so SAD”.

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