Notcoin token surges by 400%, becomes best-performing asset in the crypto market  

Notcoin token is fast becoming the breakout star of the cryptocurrency industry with a stellar performance of over 400% gain in value and a new all-time high record of $0.027.

The telegram-based token gained a 47% daily profit to emerge as the top market gainer outperforming crypto heavyweights like Bitcoin and Ethereum.  

Notcoin’s stellar performance has gained the attention of various crypto analysts who are trying to understand the frenzy behind the social media-driven crypto project.  

We are now going to look at the growth trajectory of Notcoin from its beginnings to become the best-performing asset in the market at the moment.  

Notcoin’s Journey to 400% Gain in Value 

Notcoin began as a low-key in-game currency for a telegram-based clicker game powered by a bot. The project was launched in late 2023 and players could earn NOT tokens by tapping repeatedly on a virtual gold coin.

This simple but yet effective strategy onboarded millions of crypto enthusiasts to the project hosted on the Telegram app.  

in May 2024, Notcoin expanded its project on the Telegram platform introducing various earning missions and tasks that allow users to earn tokens.  

The Play-to-earn model coupled with the massive user base of the telegram App seems to be the key to the massive adoption of Notcoin resulting in its surge in value.  

Trading Activity Surges to New Heights  

Notcoin’s daily transaction volume has surged to new heights. The daily transaction volume of the crypto asset surged over 220% surpassing the $4.5 billion mark. According to Coinpedia, this makes Notcoin the fourth-highest-traded cryptocurrency at the moment.  

Analysts believe the above success can be attributed to Notcoin’s adoption by Telegram’s large user base. This coupled with a successful airdrop campaign which saw users earn money in Nigeria.  

The surge in trading activity reflects the growing adoption of the Notcoin ecosystem where users earn tokens by playing games and completing tasks increasing user engagement.  

Whale Activity Boosts Notcoin Credibility  

Notcoin’s ecosystem received significant credibility when a crypto whale activity was spotted within its ecosystem.  

On Chain Data crypto resource firm Lookonchain spotted a crypto whale who invested 50,550 $TON($278K) to buy 46.4B $wNOT before $NOT was listed. The whale is now sitting on an unrealized profit of $862,000  

The whale’s sizable holdings and potential future actions could significantly impact the token’s price stability.  

What to know  

  • Notcoin is quite popular in the Nigerian crypto space with many Nigerian crypto traders actively engaging in its trading and minting profits. 
  • A crypto whale is an investor with very large holdings in a particular crypto asset. Their actions and in actions directly affect the stability and prices of the crypto assets they are holding. 



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