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Nigerian man breaks down in tears after finally getting Canadian visa (Video)



A Nigerian man is over the moon as he has finally gotten his Canadian visa after several attempts to get approval from UK, USA, and Canada.

He revealed that his application for a United Kingdom visa was rejected as well as that of the United States of America.

Nigerian man breaks down in tears after finally getting Canadian visa

According to the young man, his first attempt to get a Canadian visa also failed, however, he has now gotten it after the second trial.

A video circulating on social media shows him jumping up in excitement and shedding tears of joy as the approved document arrived at his home.

He captioned the post; “POV: Your Canada visa got approved after 1 US visa refusal, 1 UK visa refusal, 1 Canada visa refusal.”

Watch video:

canadapaidcoin commented; Hope u don Dey there before u post this shit online ???????????? village people full here ooo

donkapelo; Congratulations bro but you for don enter before you do this content but all the best man; Damn!! See how excited he is to leave his birth country

simongold01; Congratulations Brother. Can’t wait to have you here to face the realities of life. I no won later hear say you dey complained o. God bless us????

charlieg_parker; I hope people in Canada feel this way when they get Nigerian visa. Ije uwa!✌????

honey_________pot_; I hope people advise u , so ur parent don’t become beggars trying to provide for you

i_am_sa_m; I Sha know say no be everything person must put on social media

nadonkendo; I just feel pity for him. Who no go no go ever know.. If u know, u know

stardocofficial_; Congrats bro , I tap into your grace … one day me Sef go japa ????????

akangun_of_lagos; I hope its not Visit visa this guy is jubilating for like this

ekua_paulla; You see this joy and tears in his face ????? It’s called Season ….when your season comes not even your village people can stop your blessings. keep moving one day you go cry tears of joy too ???? Congratulations Brother ????

dessy3.5; Something that you should be discreet about, not everything you put on social media. God be with you.