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“Nigeria 1st country, winner of AFCON” – Outrage at bar as Nigerian man refuses to pay over flag placement dispute



A Nigerian man has stirred up social media as he refused to pay for the drinks he purchased at a bar after discovering that the flag of Nigeria was placed at the bottom of the line, while that of Cote d’Ivoire was placed first.

In the video, the man, whose face was not revealed, could be heard venting his frustration at the bar staff, insisting that he would not pay unless the line was rearranged.

For illustration purpose.

His statement reads: “You’re not okay; you placed Cote d’Ivoire first. Where is Nigeria? See where they placed Nigeria. You’re not okay; you placed Nigeria last.”

He called on the lady at the bar, adding: “Hello, take the Nigerian flag to the first position, the best country, winner of AFCON. Put Nigeria first, Cote d’Ivoire second.”

He made several other statements in the video, attracting many social media users who have stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below: 

yunus kehinde: “but na two Ghana flag dey there.”

Peter kingsley:but I think they did Alphabetical order.”

Tosin:They even put Ghana flag twice , Awon werey.”

ibrahim_sp11:Nigeria and Ghana are siblings ????????dey play.”

user2295034262496: “insha Allah Nigeria will win by God grace.”

Tony pepperoni: “I too love this country, all of us na cruise including our politicians.”

chinex24: “brotherly are proud of you, no gree for any body.”

Lucy Pam: “my people no dey disappoint at all.”

Ifeomachukwu:And we dey with our sister Ghana make she also put am beside us even though dey lost na dem be our walking stick.”

PEPCrest with Bisola:The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first. Olorun ma gbe ogo fun olewa lola amen!”



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