Neem Foundation Provides Psychosocial Support To 30,000 In Borno

By Henry Gabriel

Neem Foundation, a leading crisis response organization, has delivered counseling services to over 30,000 clients in Borno State.

Elanza News reports that Neem foundation efforts in preventing violent extremism in Nigeria and Africa have been commended by other civil society organizations.

Elanza News gathered that Neem Foundation is not only preventing violent extremism in Nigeria, but they are also providing counseling services.

Building Inclusive Communities and Improving Stakeholder Capacity

Neem Foundation focuses on preventing violent extremism by building inclusive communities and strengthening the capacity of key stakeholders. They also provide rehabilitation and reintegration services to survivors of the insurgency in the North-East.

“We are committed to promoting the protection and well-being of populations affected by conflict and violence,” said Neem Foundation in their website.

Transforming Lives through Psychosocial Support

Asia, a survivor who was held captive by her husband, a member of Boko Haram, shared her experience.
“When I arrived at the safe house, there was a new leaf of life. The Neem Foundation psychologist made me laugh and smile for the first time,” she said.

Asia hopes her children will receive a Western education and contribute to their country.

Addressing Gaps in PVE Implementation

Neem Foundation uses its unique experience and insight to address gaps in preventing violent extremism in Nigeria.

Elanza News gathered that they provide world-class services, including mental health support, social cohesion, policy research, and advocacy.

Impressive Achievements and Impact

Neem Foundation has made significant achievements in Borno State, providing psychosocial support to over 30,000 clients, socioeconomic rehabilitation to youths, creative education to affected girls, and training to INGOs and government bodies.

“We are dedicated to empowering individuals, building resilient communities, and promoting peace,” said Neem Foundation in a report posted on their website.

Elanza News reports that by collaborating with various organizations and institutions, including UNICEF, US Embassy, UK Government, Borno Government and several other organizations, Neem Foundation continues to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by the insurgency.


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