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Moment realtor got bitten by a massive snake during land inspection



A viral video captures moment a big-sized snake bites a realtor while he was on land inspection as people rushed to his rescue.

In a widely circulated video, a very big snake attacked a realtor who was inspecting a land somewhere speculated to be Kinikan Estate.

Realtor bitten by a huge snake

Despite the fact that the snake was killed right away, the realtor looked injured as he was being carried by several others who were attempting to assist him.

See some netizens reactions below:

Ike Montana advised: “That’s a python snake and it’s not venomous so the person will be fine but he/she should get it treated cause of bacteria”

BLACK Jeweler stated: “Leaving your house and coming back safe is an underrated blessing”

Energize said: “Pythons are not poisonous snakes because they are not venomous. They only eat their prey by swallowing, which makes them less dangerous.”

BabyPel wrote: “God will not allow us meet wetin go chop us while looking for wetin we go chop????”