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Mixed Reactions as Mohbad’s Father Broke Down in Tears After Hearing Pathologist’s Report



During the hearing of the pathologist’s report on his son’s death, Mr. Joseph Aloba, the father of Mohbad, became emotional and shed tears on a live TikTok session.

After a long wait of seven months, the pathologist finally addressed the issue.

Unfortunately, the results were not in their favor, as it was disclosed that the cause of death could not be determined due to the advanced decomposition of the body prior to the autopsy.

However, the results were unfavorable as he revealed they couldn’t ascertain the cause of the death because the body was already decomposed before the autopsy began.

Watch the video of Mohbad’s dad crying;

Pathologist has revealed that they can’t determine the cause of Mohbad’s dEath because, he was already buried before the Autopsy and his body has already started decomposing before he was exhumed.

Netizens are reacting differently after the pathologist announced that, despite waiting for over 7 months, he could not determine the cause of Mohbad’s death.

The singer passed away under suspicious circumstances after a show last year.

Following public outcry, his body was exhumed for a thorough investigation. Many are eagerly awaiting the results, as some of Mohbad’s associates, including his ex-label manager Naira Marley and friend Sam Larry, have been implicated in his death.

This is particularly significant as the late singer had accused them of bullying him during his lifetime.

The wife he left behind, Wunmi, has also been repeatedly accused of having a hand in his death and was asked to carry out a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of her son with him.

Considerably, the autopsy result was supposed to shine more light on the investigation but with the current statement from the pathologist, it seems unlikely that a headway would be forthcoming.

The pathologist claims that the autopsy was conducted after the body decomposed which is the reason for the unfavorable result.

Watch the lawyer speak;

Reacting to the post;

@Jaiyejejeomo advised: “For this Nigeria, toju emi oooo.. no allow anyone k!ll you bcos you will just d!e and they will keep enjoying their own life. It’s a really deep Jungle out here. Keep your head abeg”

@MrsZanga asked: “Y’all were expecting autopsy results fr?????????”

@RealQueenBee_ wrote: “I said it on 21st Sept 2023 and I still say it again and again that:

IF ANYTHING POSITIVE COMES OUT OF MOHBAD’S DEATH, I will share £50 to 20 of my followers. The Nigerian System is an Organised Crime.”

@Selfmadeceleb3 added: “But in America they conduct autopsy on someone buried for 3yrs, We were never expecting any positive results we all know they will come up with a story, Now let’s focus on DNA test by Wunmi”

@kayzywizzzy commented: “I knew they would cover everything up, they failed us as usual”