Man celebrates himself for taking care of wife at hospital despite being a millionaire

Nigerian man faces backlash after praising himself for being responsible and taking care of his wife and new born at the hospital, despite his millionaire status.

The married man shared the video online, where he was captured sitting on the floor of the hospital.

He stated that he is a very responsible husband and father and assumes his roles well.

His wife had just given birth and he was present at the hospital to cater to all of her needs.

Millionaire husband.

Despite being a millionaire, he did not have any issues showing up for him family, especially as men who are as wealthy as him didn’t always show up like that in the past years.

However, this video did not sit well with many netizens who expressed their displeasure at his statements.

Many believe he was equally responsible for the child and it should not be a big deal that he was present and taking care of his family.

Here are some reactions to the video

mcoded_ asked: “I don’t understand? Who is supposed to do your fatherly duties for you? Where women dey see men with no sense ???????? There is a place for being a husband and there’s a place for being a father. You can’t have one and lack the other….”

midey 231 wrote: “So we should give u award or na me suppose dey there with ur wife and kids, nonsense”

thegloriakay commented: “Women are funny o, all of a sudden every lady says “thats your responsibility” When mummy zee woke up to Cooke for her husband, you lots were quick to insult her like it wasn’t her responsibility.
Cos it’s a man, it’s his responsibility. Yes he is aware it is his responsibility but the “alpha male” has made it seem as though it is a big deal. When a man does this, appreciate him!!!!”

Watch the video clip below


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