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Man celebrates ex-girlfriend who rejected gifts from anonymous sender out of loyalty to him



Nigerian man specially celebrates his ex-girlfriend for rejecting gifts worth over a million naira from an anonymous suitor.

The man took to his Twitter page, @LaceVine, to narrate the experience.

He recalled how she had received gifts including an iPad, a teddy bear amongst other expensive items.

To his utmost disbelief, she made sure to find the sender of the items and return them.

Man celebrates ex-girlfriend for rejecting gifts from anonymous sender out of loyalty to him
The iPad, amongst some makeup products his ex-girlfriend received.

Even though he tried to make her accept the gifts, she was uncomfortable until returned it.

She still sent him words of affirmation to reiterate her love for him, while posting about contentment on her WhatsApp status.

The man admits she was the perfect girlfriend any man could ask for, but unfortunately, they did not end up together for reasons he refused to share to the public.

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