Man cancels reservation after booking beach house to celebrate girlfriend’s birthday only for her to bring 6 besties

Man leaks chat as he secretly cancels his reservation after he booked a beach house for him and his girlfriend to celebrate her birthday, only for her to bring 6 of her friends.

Screenshots of their chat were spotted online after it had gone viral.

Lady travelling.

It was gathered that the man wanted to make his girlfriend’s birthday a memorable one, and for this, he decided to book a beach house so that he and his girlfriend can specially celebrate.

His girlfriend whom he told this was very excited but pleaded that she wanted two of her friends to come.

The guy reasoned that that was fair, since the house could contain 6 poeople, and thus agreed with her request.

When later he called to find out where she was, she once again made another request.

This time, she asked her boyfriend to allow her bring 6 of her friends since the house can contain 6 people.

It was gathered that the guy secretly canceled the reservation and didn’t tell the lady.

Not until she got there with her friends was told that no such booking was made.

She called her boyfriend at the reception stand and the boyfriend who was still upset with her for ruining his plan told her that he canceled the reservation as well as her return ticket.

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