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Lilian Afegbai calls out fashion designers demanding tags amid AMVCA outfit controversy



Lilian Afegbai recently took to social media to express her disapproval of designers who demand to be tagged in posts, especially in light of the AMVCA outfit controversy involving Nana Akua.

Various celebrities have responded differently to Nigerian designer Ezinne Olivia’s claim that Ghanaian fashionista Nana Akua Addo did not properly credit her for creating her AMVCA ensemble.

In her criticism, Afegbai pointed out the behavior of designers, makeup artists, and hairstylists who insist on being tagged even after being paid in full for their services.

She questioned the necessity of tagging them in her posts after fulfilling her financial obligations.

The actress recounted a conversation with one of her designers, where she inquired about receiving a discount in exchange for not tagging them.

Afegbai emphasized the importance of a mutually beneficial relationship where everyone supports each other.


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