LASG to expand ‘Cowry’ ticket integration to all public transport modes within 2 years

The Lagos State Government is set to expand the ‘Cowry’ ticket integration, currently used by state-regulated public transport services, to include other modes of public transportation.

The implementation of the ‘Cowry’ payment system across various public transportation modes in Lagos is expected to take place within two years, according to the “Recommended Implementation Timeline for Key Actions” section of the recently unveiled Lagos State Transport Policy.

Section 3.2 of the Transport Policy states that the integration of the ‘Cowry’ payment system with all public transportation modes is part of the Lagos State Government’s efforts aimed at providing cost-effective public transportation across the state.

The policy notes that the ‘Cowry’ system has been widely accepted by commuters using state-regulated transport, which is why the planned expansion of the ticketing system is being undertaken.

More insights

  • In addition to integrating the ‘Cowry payment system with other public transportation modes, the Lagos State Transport Policy under Section 3.2 outlines several key initiatives to provide cost-effective public transportation.
  • These include expanding the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network, establishing the Light Rail Mass Transit (LRMT) system, and promoting water transport for passengers and freight.
  • The policy also emphasizes the effective implementation of the First and Last Mile (FLM) bus arrangements.
  • Further measures aim to improve access for women, children, and the physically challenged, while increasing private sector involvement in developing transport infrastructure and services.
  • Traffic management strategies are also included to optimize existing infrastructure and reduce congestion. These initiatives collectively aim to create a more inclusive, efficient, and sustainable transportation system in Lagos.

What to know about Cowry payment system

  • The Cowry Payment System in Lagos is a modern, contactless payment solution for state-regulated public transportation, aimed at making the system more efficient and user-friendly.
  • It uses reloadable smart cards, known as Cowry Cards, which passengers can top up at various locations, including terminals, online platforms, and mobile apps.
  • Initially launched for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, it now extends to ferries, the Bluand some smaller commercial buses under the Lagos Bus Services Limited (LSBL)
  • Passengers simply tap their Cowry Card on the reader when boarding and alighting, which automatically deducts the fare, reducing the need for cash transactions and speeding up the process.
  • The system integrates with mobile technology, allowing users to check balances, top-up cards, and manage accounts via a mobile app.
  • The Cowry Payment System also enhances efficiency and security by reducing cash handling and helps the government collect data on passenger numbers, travel patterns, and revenue. It supports various subsidies and discounts, facilitating fare reductions for students, the elderly, and low-income passengers.


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