Lady who couldn’t get admission into UNILAG after two attempts, gets two scholarships to U.S. university

A young lady who reportedly couldn’t get admission into UNILAG after two attempts (284 and 320) gets two fully funded scholarships to a U.S. university.

The news was shared by a Twitter user known as Arinze Odira who revealed the young lady to be his sister-in-law.

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Student. Photo source: iStock.

According to him, his sister-in-law had sat for the JAMB exam twice during which she had scored 284 and 320 respectively in order to study medicine at UNILAG, but she was never admitted.

Arinze Odira noted that he recognized her intelligence and didn’t want it to go to waste, hence he enrolled her in SAT exams.

Following only two weeks of preparations, she scored 1450 which secured her two fully funded scholarships in the US.

He wrote:

My sister-in-law is an intelligent girl. She scored 284 on her first JAMB, but couldn’t get into Unilag to study medicine. The next year, she scored 320, but still no admission into Unilag (I can’t explain it). I couldn’t just sit back and watch her talent go to waste.

So, I got her to take the SAT exam. She prepped for only two weeks and scored 1450. We started applying for scholarships in the US, and she got two fully funded scholarships and one partial one. Last week, she went for her visa interview. In a few months, she’ll be heading to the United States.

1. I am still confused that she couldn’t get into Unilag. Something is definitely wrong with our system.
2. I am happy she is going to somewhere she can truly shine and explore her full potential.
3. It’s a shame we keep losing our brightest minds.
4. To be successful, you need opportunity, information and access.”

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