Lady concerned as she sees turkey continuously circling a grave

A lady has expressed concern after seeing a turkey that has been circling a grave for over 10 minutes.

The abroad-based lady revealed that she visited the cemetery to pay tribute to her friend at her grave.

Turkey grave circling lady
Turkey circling grave.

When she was done, she looked back and caught a sight of a turkey doing the unusual.

She said that she saw the turkey continuously circling one particular grave and it had been doing it for over 10 minutes.

The lady stated that she had no idea whatsoever why it was displaying such unusual behaviour.

Read some comments from netizens below;

spacetecture said: “The grave stone is a reflective marble causing the turkey’s curiosity. it’s the same thing that happens when a turkey circles your car because it’s reflective making it seem as if there is another turkey.”

emeka_ said: “True true, oyibo land is more haunted than Nigeria”

website_and_app_developer said: “Animals are more spiritual than we humans. The turkey has a connection with whosoever that’s bu.ried. Only deep thinkers will understand”

decopoly said: “All of una dey act like say una no know say I just drop album abi?”

b_uniqu.e said; “That turkey is trying to pass a message. It has aconnection witht he buried person. There are things beyond what the eyes can see”

Watch the video below:


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