Junior Pope Died Out of Carelessness as A Result of Boat Drivers Trying to Catch ‘Cruise’ On the Sea Resulting in The Crash Between Their Two Boat – Eye Witness

According to an eyewitness, Jnr Pope died as a result of the boat drivers attempting to catch a ‘cruise’ on the water, which caused a collision between their two boats.

In a live video on Instagram, the young guy, who is also a movie director, shareed detailed of the events.

The individual identified as Stanley explained that the event happened on their way back from the movie site.

In an attempt to impress and show off, the boat drivers swerved dangerously on the water, resulting in a boat collision.

He further stated that the speed boat crew did not have life jackets, which are generally hired out by another group of persons.

Stanley stated that the death of the actor and several crew members was solely the product of carelessness.

Furthermore, he stated that when the tragedy occurred, the wife was promptly summoned to the site and witnessed them hauling her husband’s lifeless corpse out of the water.

He added that around more persons are still missing under the water, and that they will return the following day to find them.

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