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“It was on my birthday” – Lady shares how she discovered that her sugar daddy has passed away



Lady gets emotional as she leaks chat revealing how she discovered that her sugar daddy has passed away.

The lady known as @buffys on X shared that she had been trying to reach out to him for some time but her messages and attempts met silence.

lady sugar daddy passed away
Heartbroken lady.

After several attempts to reach out to him via texts, his wife finally replied by letting her know that her husband had passed away.

The lady got emotional, revealing that she had no idea that the man had been married while they were together.

@buffys also revealed that the month of his passing was her birthday.

The message from the wife read …

“I’m not sure who you are but my husband
passed away on June 15. Please don’t text his
phone. If you are a friend of ours then you
should know my number.”

@buffys added: “he never told me he had a wife and he died on my birthday ????……………..”

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