Ijoba Danku regrets knowing Portable, describes him as a “boy”

The ex-manager, of Portable, Ijoba Danku, has expressed his regrets about knowing the artist as he complains about his immaturity.

The show promoter disclosed that Portable had approached him for representation in a dishonest manner.

He claimed that although he had previously filed a lawsuit against Portable, he had eventually granted his father’s request to pardon him.

Danku expressed sincere regret for ever working with Portable.

Ijoba Danku expresses regrets knowing Portable, describes him as a "boy"
Former manager of portable, Ijoba Danku

Danku made this revelation in an interview with the most recent Doyin’s Corner podcast episode.

He said;

“Portable is still a boy. Before Portable came to me, he lied to me. I actually sued him but his father pleaded with me and I agreed to drop the suit.

“If there is someone I wish I never allowed into my circle, it is Portable.”


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