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“I won N1.3 billion lottery at 28, lavished it all, and now I’m left with nothing” – 36-year-old man cries out



A man, choosing to remain anonymous, has come forward to share his story of winning a whopping sum of £800,000 (equivalent to N1.3 billion) jackpot at the young age of 28.

Now 36, the once-lucky winner admitted to squandering his fortune and finding himself in financial hardship, working as a restaurant manager to make ends meet.

In an interview with the Ramsey Show, the anonymous man recounted his whirlwind journey from rags to riches and back again.

He disclosed that his initial foray into the world of gambling had led him to purchase the winning scratch ticket in the state of Virginia, USA.

However, instead of using his newfound wealth judiciously, he found himself ensnared in a cycle of gambling, frequenting casinos and engaging in sports betting.

“I won a million dollars on a scratch ticket in the state of Virginia when I was 28,” he shared with Ramsey Show. “But after I won, the gambling didn’t stop; it actually intensified.”

Despite the enormous sum he had once possessed, the former lottery winner revealed that he had lavished his winnings and was left with nothing.

Currently employed as a restaurant manager, he earns a meagre annual salary of £60,000.

Additionally, he is burdened with two outstanding debts, including a student loan of £23,000 that he borrowed earlier in his life.

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