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I Want To Act Nollywood Movie – American Psychologist, Umar Johnson Says



Dr. Umar Johnson, an American psychotherapist, has expressed interest in acting in a Nigerian film.

He encouraged Nollywood filmmakers to approach him about appearing in their films.

He did, however, mention that it had to be a conscious film.

In a now-viral video, Dr. Johnson stated:“Nigeria, I’m waiting for an invitation. I’m trying to get into Nollywood. I want to star in some of the Nigerian movies. Somebody put me in touch with Black Nollywood in Nigeria.

“I want to be in a Nollywood movie. Anybody making a movie out there, has got to be conscious though. I’m not doing any blaxploitation. My role has to be egocentric. My role has to be who I am. I can have a different name and personality but it must be progressive and pan-Africanist.

“I will not play a con on television. I’m not playing no pimp, no drug dealer, no criminal. It must be consistent. egocentricity is a necessity.”

Watch the video below: