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“How my husband’s cheating saved our marriage – Mother of four opens up



A mother of four from Florida, Charity Craig, has shared how her husband’s betrayal through infidelity in 2012, involving him cheating, played a role in saving their marriage.

According to the woman, now a marriage coach, when her husband’s infidelity began, focusing on healing herself and their relationship rather than demonizing the “other woman” was the key to their successful reconciliation.

The couple, married since January 17, 2004, faced challenges typical of many marriages, including a demanding job for her husband and the stresses of raising four children in rapid succession.

Around the eight-year mark, with her husband securing his dream job, the couple found themselves at a pivotal moment in their lives.

However, the pressures of the position took a toll on her husband, leading him into a slippery slope of infidelity with a woman from his church.

Woman’s husband’s extramarital affair led to a six-month separation before the couple decided to work on rebuilding their relationship.

"How my husband's cheating saved our marriage - Mother of four opens up

The woman, a former teacher, took the initiative to address her own issues through therapy, and the couple sought professional help to navigate their challenges.

The mother of four, now 46, reflects on the transformation.

“It dawned on me he’s not my enemy,” the mother of four told PEOPLE. “We’re both just humans with deep wounds, and that’s where we started healing.”

“Affairs don’t happen in a vacuum,”  the woman said.

Once you heal yourself and your marriage, 10,000 women can walk past my husband, and he’s not going to blink an eye because he’s not looking for an escape.”

They acted more hurt and betrayed than I did.” “People hate seeing how broken and shattered you are,” She added.

Valentine’s Day 2013 marked the couple’s first date after the affair in their marriage.

When offering advice to those experiencing similar challenges in marriage, they caution against airing relationship issues publicly, as going public can add complications, especially if the couple decides to stay together.

Despite the tough times, the woman and her husband are now in a happy place in their 20-year marriage.

The husband, 41, also reflects on their journey.

“We talk about the affair in a more reflective way now. We’ve actually been married longer after the affair than before it,” he said.