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FG increases electricity tariff from N66/KWH to N225



The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC has approved an increase in electricity rates for customers in the Band A category.

During a press briefing in Abuja on Wednesday, Musliu Oseni, the Vice Chairman of NERC, announced that there will be an increase in electricity tariffs.

FG increases electricity tariff from N66/KWH to N225
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This adjustment means that customers in the Band A category will now have to pay N225 per kilowatt-hour, which is a significant increase from the current rate of N66.

He said, “We currently have 800 feeders that are categorised as Band A, but it will now be reduced to under 500. This means that 17 percent now qualify as Band-A feeders. These feeders only service 15 percent of total electricity customers connected to the feeders.

“The commission has issued an order which is titled April supplementary order and the commission allows a 235 kilowatt per hour.”