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“Even Batman couldn’t handle her”-Jennifer Lopez and Husband Ben Affleck Reportedlyy Headed for Divorce



American celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who tied the knot two years ago, are reportedly facing marital issues.

Rumors suggest that the couple, known for getting matching tattoos post-marriage, are now headed towards a divorce.

Sources claim that Ben has already left their shared home, and his absence at events like the Met Gala with Jennifer indicates a separation between the two.

@lovebscott also posted about the rumours on their Twitter (X) page and wrote: “Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Reportedly headed for a divorce and he has already moved out.”

Many fans and followers reacted to the rumours of the couple allegedly getting a divorce:

@Mat_Sog wrote: “Even Batman couldn’t handle her.”

@ifiwerearoy questioned: “After she made a whole movie and album dedicated to him?”

@Soonergirl2Ou said: “I’m shocked! This reheated microwaved romance didn’t work out.”

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