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Enraged fans demands refund as Korra Obidi packs for vacation in Hawaii after $50K GoFundMe donation



Korra Obidi, the dancer known for stirring controversy, has upset her fans by announcing her intention to vacation in Hawaii shortly after receiving a $50K donation from them.

Previously, she had asked for financial help from her fans to deal with legal issues involving her husband and her children’s social media presence.

Despite the generous donation, fans are now criticizing her for being deceptive and taking advantage of their support.

Reactions as Korra Obidi set for Hawaii vacation following $50K donation

Wanda Johnson Snuggs wrote: “She got yall’s money now she’s at the airport. Some of you are so weak to believe her foolishness. Always begging, scamming and manipulating.”

Robyn White Best said: “There’s no way in hell that I would be off flying to Hawaii on Mother’s Day when I could be with my kids . You talk a good game,but your morals are so wrong. This is a very special day for mothers and you don’t even have your children when you can have your children yet you too running around all the spending the day with them.”

Karen Lenea said: “Your father should be a shame of you for BEGGING for money to fly around the world I bet you didn’t even get a lawyer. I feel sorry for the people that give you money. WAKE UP PEOPLE…”

Chigoziri Ohochukwu stated: “You are gradually becoming a professional beggar on social media.”

Jennifer Lynn Russell noted: “Mad that she can’t post pictures because without posting pictures she can’t make money. She needs to post pictures of her kids to make money. But she would rather go to Hawaii than see.Her children sickening and people gave her $.Or whatever was on that go find me.People needs to report the go fund me everybody needs to report to get their money back.”