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Employee tears up as her boss gifts her a new car



A trending video shows the emotional moment a female employee tears up as her boss gifts her a new car.

The diligent employee was pleasantly surprised by her boss who decided to reward her for her efforts.

Employee tears up as her boss gifts her a new car
Employee receives new car from her boss.

Reports from social media revealed that the incident reportedly occured at an establishment in Port Harcourt.

In the video that was shared online, the lady could be seen shedding tears of joy after the car was presented to her.

Other employees could also be seen clapping for their lucky female coworker.

kuwaitmoney1 said: “How many rounds makes 1 car?

jaylodolls wrote: “How does Oga gbola taste aunty”

theibukunoluwa1l commented: “Watch people that don’t believe in God’s grace say they are having thing together Some of you need to work on your mentality!”

prince_izuu asked: “Which boss go hug his female oO subordinate like that, you dey wyne ?”

deandrex0 said: “Can never be a male employee! Wetin i, man do man for this life ?”

sereaikhions1 wrote: “But if it’s a guy being gifted you guys will applaud. Not every man sleeps with their employee and not every employee sleeps with their Boss haba”

Watch video below …