Eko Disco upgrades feeders in Festac, Falomo, VGC, others to Band A, downgrades others to Band B 

The Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) has announced the upgrade and downgrade of certain locations under its territory from Band B to Band A and vice versa.  

The company disclosed this in a post on its official Twitter page stating that the decision was subject to a review by its regulator, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).  

It stated, “Following a review of our performance by our regulator, we are pleased to inform you that a number of our feeders have been upgraded from Band B to A as a testament to our improvement in service delivery”  

“However, due to some certain factors, some beyond our control, some feeders had to be downgraded for failing to meet the minimum 20 hours supply”  

The feeders upgraded to Band A are: Aulic Festac, Cemetery Grace Court Jacob mews in Ijora, Federal Secretariat, Falomo and others on Lagos Island, VGC Ikota, VGC Ikate and others in Lekki as well as Oshodin express in Mushin and 33KV Iganmu, Orile Kernel all in Orile axis.  

Furthermore, the electricity Disco also downgraded other feeders from Band A to B and even D.  

They include; Beecham in Agbara, Psychiatric, Abeokuta Causeway,  Sabo 33 all in Ijora, Promenade in Festac, Commercial in Apapa and Novotel in Lekki.  

Also, Ilubirin in Lagos Island was downgraded from Band A to D.  


Earlier in April, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) announced an over 200% hike in electricity tariff for Band A customers as part of moves towards eliminating subsidies on electricity and a broader plan to have a cost-reflective tariff system in the power sector.  

The addition of new feeders to Band A by Eko Disco is not new as other Discos have carried out similar additions after the increase in tariffs.  

Band A customers are specific feeders that receive a minimum of 20 hours of electricity daily. According to the NERC, customers under this category represent around 17% of the total electricity customers in the country.  

What you should know  

The decision to hike electricity tariffs for Bank A customers has drawn the ire of members of the public, especially trade and labour unions across the country.  

Members of organised Labour have protested the increase while the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has asked its members not to pay the new tariff stating jt was not carried along. It asked its members to pay the old tariff of N66/kWh.  

The group already filed a petition before the NERC on the tariff hike which is pending resolution.  



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