Edo: Shock Awaits Okpebholo, Ighodalo, Says Sen Imasuen

Senator Imasuen, representing LP Edo South, predicts an unexpected outcome for the candidates of the PDP and APC in the upcoming Edo State Gubernatorial election.

In a media chat with journalists, he stated that while the PDP and APC candidates rely on political power, the Labour Party candidate, Olumide Akpata, relies on the power of the people.

According to Senator Imasuen, Akpata is the most formidable candidate among the 16 candidates from various political parties.

“With his strong connection to the electorates across the three senatorial districts in the State, he is unstoppable in winning the election,” Imasuen said of Akpata.

The Senator emphasized that the electorates in Edo State have shown their support for the Labour Party in previous elections and will continue to do so in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

He dismissed the actions of pulling down billboards and tearing posters as futile, stating that the election will be decided by the power of the people, not by acts of intimidation.

When asked about the performance of the 10th Senate in its first year, Senator Imasuen acknowledged that it was a mixed bag of feelings for Senators.

He said due to electoral litigations, they faced distractions that prevented them from accomplishing more within the first year.

However, he expressed optimism that the now stabilized Senate will prioritize lawmaking for good governance, oversight functions, and responsive representation in the remaining three years to benefit Nigerians.


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