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Drama as lady tracks down and confronts new user of her stolen iPhone



A Nigerian lady recently traced and tracked down the new user of her iPhone which got stolen from her.

In a trending video shared online, the lady stated that the phone was stolen alongside her money which was carefully placed inside her bag.

She angrily reiterated that she will be handing over the new user to the police while accusing her of being the brain behind the theft.

However, defending herself, the new user said she bought the phone with her hard-earned money and had no idea that it was stolen.

She tried calling the person she bought the phone from, but ended up saying she can’t find the person’s number.

Tonia.gram_ reacted: “I don’t understand the girl. This minute she’s saying she bought the phone with her hard earned money, the next minute she’s saying it’s a gift. Abi I no hear well? Why is she contradicting herself.”

Isaac_sunday1993 wrote: “Even if you’re so sure it’s your phone, trying to drag the phone from like that is wrong. Because you have to prove to her it is your phone not dragging.”

Hanzo_siku said: “It’s actually not her fault for using a stolen phone. Probably she can help them track the guy that sold it to her.”

l.tobiloba reacted: “There are two possibilities: she either bought it cheaply (awuf) or her man stole it and gifted it to her without her knowing it was a stolen phone.”

Chris_kingii added: “This is not fair, she bought the phone, we take laws into our hands too much… this should be a case of investigation… any something nah to set camera, now the person when see the bag don run enter Ghana.”

Watch the video below: