Diversify your portfolio with Meristem’s mutual funds

Are you looking to invest your money but unsure about navigating the different options?

Meristem offers a variety of mutual funds that can cater to your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Mutual funds offer a solution; pooling resources from various investors to invest in a diversified portfolio managed by professionals.

This article explores three of our core offerings, how they work, and their benefits.

Meristem dollar fund

Target Investors: Ideal for those seeking a hedge against currency fluctuation and the opportunity to earn returns in US dollars.

Investment Strategy: Primarily invests in dollar-denominated instruments, offering exposure to the US economy.

Benefits: Provides diversification and potentially higher returns compared to Naira-denominated funds.

Yield: 9.69%

Peer Comparison as of 21st of June: 3rd Position (Source: FMAN)

Meristem money market fund

Target investors: A good fit for investors seeking low-risk, steady income, and easy access to their money.

Investment strategy: Focuses on highly liquid, short-term investments like government treasury bills and commercial papers.

Benefits: Offers capital preservation, predictable returns, and high liquidity.

Yield: 21.96%

Peer Comparison as of 21st of June: 1st Position (Source: FMAN)

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Meristem fixed income fund

Target investors: Designed for investors seeking a balance between capital appreciation and regular income.

Investment strategy: Invested in a mix of fixed-income securities like government bonds and corporate bonds.

Benefits: Offers potentially higher returns than money market funds with moderate risk.

Yield: 16.02%

Peer Comparison as of 21st of June: 1st Position (Source: FMAN)

Choosing the right fund for you

Risk tolerance: Consider your comfort level with potential investment losses. Money market funds offer the lowest risk, while dollar and fixed-income funds carry more risk but also the potential for higher returns.

Investment goals: Are you saving for a short-term goal or looking for long-term growth? Dollar and fixed-income funds can be suitable for long-term plans, while money market funds provide easy access to short-term needs.

Investment horizon: How long can you stay invested? Dollar and fixed-income funds may experience price fluctuations in the short term but tend to be more stable over longer periods.

Remember: Diversification is key to a healthy investment portfolio. Consider combining these Meristem funds with other investment options to spread your risk and achieve your financial goals.

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